AHIR Lorenzo’s was established back in 1996 as a place where everyone is welcome, a place where people can spend quality time together irrespective of where they come from. Since then, it has become a melting pot for different nationalities that flock to enjoy a beautiful, peaceful and wonderful atmosphere.

Since it was established, AHIR Lorenzo’s bar became a magnet for those who want to enjoy a lively, diverse and friendly atmosphere. Its location, its layout and its unique decoration combined with a friendly and helpful service makes it one of the best places to spend quality time with friends and family. The atmosphere created through the years is one where multi-national, multi-ethnic cultures diverge to enjoy and celebrate their diversity in a friendly and beautiful way.

AHIR Lorenzo’s is nicely located at the corner opposite Finchley Central tube station where it stands on its own as a landmark in the area. Its location is unique: It is at the heart of the area yet away from any residential property. It is easily accessible from all surrounding areas: Hendon, Golders Green, East Finchley, Finchley Central, North Finchley and West Finchley. It is only a mile away from the North Circular which is an advantage for those trying to reach it from different ends. It is easily reached by buses from all areas, by tube and by car where the nearby car park of Finchley Central station is available for parking purposes.